Privacy Policy

Clinical Oncology Journal legally collect user information complying with the industry rules and regulations through various means like web cookies, registration forms, submissions etc., when users visit our website for our service and solutions offered. Also, users are privileged to browse their requirement on our site without revealing their identity. At times, we might use the information against the user for their benefit. We request users to share their information with us for their benefit and this policy defines the information we collect and the use of it.

What we do with your information

Clinical Oncology Journal shall collect user’s personal information like Name, Contact Number, Email ID, Address, Payment Details and instrumental information like the browser keys, operating system, referral links, and device used etc. We collect such information to use for your benefit regards to the service you expect and to fulfill our lawful business requirement.

We use your information not only to fulfill your requested services, also to educate and to help you connect through social networking channels. The information you provide will enable us to keep in touch with you for promotions, events, newsletters, product/service upgradation, process claims, to get feedback from you, receive your queries and to provide resolution, which in-turn help us to analyze our website traffic and to improvise our standards in service.

How we share your information

Clinical Oncology Journal never share or distribute user information to any third party for their marketing services. We share user information only with our stake holders like publishing partners, associates and institutions whose products or service might be of use and interest you for your benefit.

User information is shared to government agencies on special requests or government authority bodies against illegal, unlawful activities or for legal proceedings to protect legal regulations, individual and business assets.

We might disclose user information to third party sources with a written consent of the user forgoing to avail the service or product.

We are legally authorized to merge or distribute your information if, Clinical Oncology Journal is acquired with other company. In such cases, users are provisioned to legitimate their consent for not sharing their personal information.

Protection Policy of User information

Clinical Oncology Journal have all set technological strong firewalls to ensure provided user information is secured and confidential.

Foreign Transfers

At Clinical Oncology Journal, we use your information for proceeding transactions outside the country of your residence, in request of the service. We will ensure to wave off an unauthorized transactions or misuse of your information to the best of our efforts.

Note: The data transmission via internet which is large and considered an unsecure channel. Hence, Clinical Oncology Journal is not liable for any such data transmission. It is solely users own risk.


Clinical Oncology Journal uses cookies to analyze the user activity and website traffics. We collect user information in-relation to the browser used to browse the website, operating system, device used and the IP address. Which will help us to analyze the web pages viewed, browser keys, time spent on web pages etc., in-order to understand the user behavior at aggregate level. We use the collected information to serve your better. If at all the user is not willing to share the data, they can opt out for cookies from the browser they use and can access the most important sites rather than the whole. We secure the collected information confidentially and we expect the same from our partners and associated stake holders.

Note: Please mark that the above information is not viewed at individual level.

Changes in Privacy Policy

Clinical Oncology Journal is legally authorized to change its Privacy policy at any point in time without any notification to the users. The changes will be in immediate effective when it is posted online. Users are requested to review the page or site periodically for any changes and are suggested to bound for the same.

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